A Note in Time
Lectures on Classical Music

Presented by Roi Aloni

"...Roi Aloni entertains and teaches with music, stories about composers and their works, both classical and modern. His knowledge of these subjects is extensive and his delivery is clear and often very humorous. His virtuosity on the piano never ceases to amaze...”

“...Roi Aloni brings to the listener a world of knowledge in various categories of music, from classical through all its genres to Frank Sinatra and Edith Piaf. His lectures combine artistic, historical and sociological aspects while linking them to the music world. He introduces to the audience various musical styles, composers, and performers from Bach to the Beatles and in between…. Roi has tremendous charisma. The audience immediately responds to him. He presents his lectures in a fluent, articulate way building them up with fascinating approach. During the lectures Roi plays recordings of musical masterpieces and also demonstrates on the piano with his astonishing skills..."

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Since participating at the presigious Ravinia Music Festival in Highland Park, Illinois, pianist and lecturer Roi Aloni enjoys a flourishing career that embraces Israel, England and the United States.

Lecture series "A Note in Time" elaborates on the lives of composers, their masterpieces and the circumstances of their writing, while linking to works of other composers of the same era.
These lectures are presented in two different formats:
Enclosed you will find a brief resume and a partial list of topics.



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